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How Working in Advertising Has Influenced My Life and Family

Author: MCG

JGA MarketingBlogHow Working in Advertising Has Influenced My Life and Family

As a mother and business woman, I have a good number of stories about work and how it has influenced my life and family.

Just like any other family, we share about our day, school, homework, work and life in general.

My kids are very creative and love conversations about marketing. They know all about my work, my client’s names and products.

One day, my seven-year-old son asked me:

Mom, do I have to go with you to the nail salon tomorrow? I have a baseball game”.

And I said, “I don’t know yet, why?”Working in Advertising

He answered: “because I don’t want to be late, plus when you do your “medicare and pedicare” it takes too long!”


So many things crossed my mind and of course, at first I laughed, a lot…

I even thought how can I make a campaign from this funny story. If you know me, then you are aware of my Medicare clients and my passion for it.

To give you an idea of how crazy the advertising world is and the type of influence it has in our personal life, I went around asking our staff, clients and vendors some stories to share:

  • “My 3-year old daughter loves to pick up the mail and is trained to sort the good stuff from what she calls uglyyyyyy”. Jamie
  • “I proofread menus at restaurants and feel the need to tell the manager about typos”. Jeff
  • “I look at billboards on the road to see if it’s my campaign” – Alessandra
  • “I continually overanalyze customer service”. Joe
  • “I’m obsessed with spacing”. Melissa
  • “I often buy products I don’t need just to reward them for a good campaign” – Jose
  • “I read the newspaper and internet looking for leads, not news”. Margaret
  • “I take videos of shoppers at airports and malls – to analyze consumer behavior”. Mike
  • “it makes me crazy to fly and work on my computer, having people trying to see my already secured screen, so I often tell them to please stop looking over, as I work for the FBI” JG
  • I love to make jokes with car rental agents about the reasons why I’m traveling. My favorite is to say I’m there with “the band”. Farah

What is your story?