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4 Social Media Trends to Watch

The entire Internet is constantly changing and evolving, but few things will have you running to keep up as much as social media. New ways to interact, advertise and innovate seem to come at us daily. If it’s not a new function on a known network, it’s a new app to allow you to use

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4 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2016

Marketing for the healthcare industry, just like every other industry, is being transformed as the way people look for information and make decisions continues to evolve through the use of the internet and mobile devices. Strategies need to be updated and implemented as patient and consumer behaviors change.  In order to gain and maintain a

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Four New Social Media Trends to Look Out For

The internet continues to grow and change at a rapid rate. Just when you feel as though you understand one trend, a new one pops up for you to master. In order to stay relevant and market your business or product effectively, learning social media trends is imperative to the overall success of your vision.

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