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Social Media Algorithms

Social media algorithms are how each social platform filters and ranks the content in front of us based on set criteria. These algorithms can be complicated to understand and are often changing to satisfy the needs of each social platform. These algorithms are managedby software engineers, data scientists, content strategists, and more, so nothing you [...]

4 Ways to Engage Audiences on Social Media

Companies with limited marketing resources are abandoning their social media schedules to find better ways to involve customers with their brand. Today’s landscape is more competitive than ever, and if you want to get eyeballs on your Facebook posts, you need to pay to play. But there is a better way to bring fans to

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Why Hashtags Are Essential to Marketing

Hashtags, which began on Twitter, quickly became a part of mainstream advertising. You’ll see them on everything from billboards to TV commercials. Why are they so important? Check out the following reasons why you should incorporate hashtags in your marketing campaigns: Hashtags Help Others Find You With a little research, you can find which hashtags

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4 Social Media Trends to Watch

The entire Internet is constantly changing and evolving, but few things will have you running to keep up as much as social media. New ways to interact, advertise and innovate seem to come at us daily. If it’s not a new function on a known network, it’s a new app to allow you to use

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Four New Social Media Trends to Look Out For

The internet continues to grow and change at a rapid rate. Just when you feel as though you understand one trend, a new one pops up for you to master. In order to stay relevant and market your business or product effectively, learning social media trends is imperative to the overall success of your vision.

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