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360° Marketing Campaign

What exactly is it? As the name implies, it’s a campaign that provides a 360° experience at all touch points. From print, broadcast, OOH, digital, social and POP, whichever one applies.The synergy of the message is consistent through all tactics. Some examples of a 360° campaign are easily identified at big events, such as Super [...]

Evolve or Die?

WHAT EXACTLY DOES THAT MEAN FOR BUSINESSES AND MARKETING? EVOLVE = make progress, advance, move forward. EVOLVE IN MARKETING = optimize strategies, processes, plans, tactics, etc. EVOLVE IN BUSINESS = leverage solutions, automation, implementation of software, create effective sales funnel, company culture, personalize user experience, etc. Thanks to technology, the world advances at a fast [...]

Marketing trends to watch in 2019

1. CONTENT: ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL About 5 years ago content creation became one of the top 5 marketing strategies to follow, with the objective to capture as many leads as possible. Result: customers have become savvy about content and how it works. They also quickly learned to filter out or become non-reactive [...]

Marketing and UX

Today’s digital marketing landscape is more complex than ever. In addition to understanding traditional marketing methods, successful marketers need to understand social media, paid online advertising, and SEO. But one important subject that’s often relegated to designers and product development is User Experience, also known as UX. While it may seem like the key to

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Interactive Video is Hot for Marketers

As the technology and media landscape continually shifts, customers are becoming less passive. Today’s consumer has more control than ever over the buying process. In response, marketing professionals have to learn to make content appealing and interactive. In the time it takes you to read a couple of sentences, over 300 hours of new content

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The Rise of Chatbot Marketing in 2017

With attention spans dwindling, you’ll do just about anything to keep visitors on your site increases your chances of making a sale. That’s why chatbots can help your visitors get the information they need without wasting time wading through material not related to their query. In 2015 alone, over a billion people interacted with some

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Mattel Warms Our Hearts with Dads Who Play Barbie Campaign

Mattel is not only modernizing its brand but also reversing gender roles in this new ad campaign which showcases six real life father/daughter duos.  The campaign displays the softer side of these fathers, who take the time to play Barbie ® with their adorable daughters.  The playtime is complete with high pitched voices, even from the

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Are You Ready for Mobile-First?

Digital marketers everywhere have been bracing for Google’s new mobile-first index.  While responsive design has become a requirement for quite some time, today’s landscape of connected devices make it more important than ever to have a site that functions on laptops, phones and tablets. Check out the following tips to make sure your sites are

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You’ve Got the Data, Now What Do You Do With It?

With big data becoming a standard marketing practice, customers expect extreme targeting and personalization. For the past couple of years, marketers have collected more customer data than ever. The question is no longer how to collect the data, but what to do with it. The following insights will help you make sense of customer data,

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Are You Ready to Use Virtual Reality in Your Marketing?

Now that mobile marketing has become mainstream, it’s time to prepare for new technologies that will change the way you do business. Virtual reality has been around for several years, but the high costs have kept it out of the hands of the majority of customers. Now that prices are affordable, VR is appearing everywhere.

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