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Four New Social Media Trends to Look Out For

JGA MarketingBlogFour New Social Media Trends to Look Out For

The internet continues to grow and change at a rapid rate. Just when you feel as though you understand one trend, a new one pops up for you to master. In order to stay relevant and market your business or product effectively, learning social media trends is imperative to the overall success of your vision.


Although Snapchat got off to a slow start, its popularity exploded among young millennials as a way to connect and share what is going on with their lives — if only for a moment. A picture or video sent over Snapchat lasts just a few seconds before it disappears, leaving only moments for advertisers to make a lasting impression. For marketing, Snapchat must catch the eye of the viewer while still remaining interesting. Because Snapchat has become so popular among young people, advertisers are looking for ways to connect to users through innovative, interesting ads that will stick in millennials’ minds.


High-quality video is the way of the future, and many companies are looking to advertise by having celebrities appear in their videos online. TV ads were once the best way to reach others, but now that the internet has taken over as the main form of advertising, video is one of the most efficient ways to capture viewers’ attention and keep them engaged. Video is beginning to replace written content, and most marketing companies recommend that bloggers choose to include video as well as traditional articles and blog posts.


The little pictures that have accompanied all of our texts have now spread to other social media platforms, and they’ve caused quite a stir in the marketing world. Not only are they eye-catching, but they also explain what a product or business is about without saying much at all. Emojis are used to emphasize certain objects or services that a business might offer, as well as making it more fun. The best part? They can be used on almost any mobile platform to attract new consumers.


More and more viewers are ditching their laptops and reaching their cellphones to view their content. When you want your advertising to be seen, make sure that each ad can also be seen on a mobile phone. This might mean that you need to talk to someone about the design of your website to make the most impact when viewers are not at their computers.