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Social Media Algorithms

JGA MarketingBlogSocial Media Algorithms

Social media algorithms are how each social platform filters and ranks the content in front of us based on set criteria. These algorithms can be complicated to understand and are often changing to satisfy the needs of each social platform.

These algorithms are managedby software engineers, data scientists, content strategists, and more, so nothing you see on social media is random.

Here are the key elements of how algorithms work on some of the most popular social media sites:

Facebook – keeps a historical account of your personal engagement with posts by friends and brand pages, so it predicts what you want to see based on those past interactions.

Instagram – new posts first! Yes, only fresh content first.

Linkedin – Prioritizes connection strength and engagement to showcase quality business content. Presents content considering personal identity, content engagement and personal behavior.

Twitter – Relevance of tweets based on your interaction history with the accounts you follow.

Let’s recap:

Facebook – relevance

Instagram – timeliness

Twitter – relevance

LinkedIn – relevance

What happens behind the scenes is very interesting. Take advantage of algorithms by learning to maximize each platform.
Keep in touch, as these are always changing.