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Simple Marketing Strategies for Your Business

JGA MarketingBlogSimple Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Getting management on board to support marketing efforts sometimes seems impossible. You know today’s marketing practices are more about becoming a trusted advisor than being a bullhorn, but sometimes it’s hard to convince the rest of the team to buy in to the latest strategies.

Start small. Focus on tried and true methods to build business. Instead of chasing after the latest marketing trends, try these timeless marketing methods to bring in more business.

1. Get Visible With Simple PR

Get mentioned in newspapers and magazines. If you’re looking to attract a nationwide clientele, subscribe to HARO. In a small town, it’s usually pretty easy to get the local paper on the phone. Offer to write a weekly advice column, which works well for service providers.

2. Get Social

Many businesses believe having a Facebook page is enough to get attention. As a marketer, you understand that organic reach is non-existent. Since Facebook pages cannot join groups, teach your staff how to connect with people personally on Groups. Explain that it is not a place to post asking for work but rather to add value and build relationships. Social media should be a team sport.

3. Offer Deals

Groupon and a number of copycat daily deal sites still provide excellent results for businesses. Just be sure to pay attention to the fine print. Every site has its own unique rules, and some require a minimum buy-in before the deal is active.

If you feel confident enough, you can create your own deal. The downside to this is that you’ll be responsible for all promotion. The power of daily deal sites is their large audiences.

Since the holidays are quickly approaching, try combining charity with a discount for an offer that makes your client feel good about your brand. Hold a clothing drive in exchange for discounts or a free gift.

4. Teach a Class

Encourage staff to offer low-cost classes through a local venue, such as the Parks and Recreation Department. Service providers can find plenty of ongoing clients this way. Retailers can take advantage of having a space and invite people to come in and teach.

If you want to move on to more sophisticated marketing efforts, start with simple programs that allow your teammates to see you as a trusted advisor. Once basic methods are in place, you’ll have the freedom to start creating stories on Snapchat and streaming on Facebook Live.  With the ever-evolving marketing market you will always have new things to learn.