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The Rise of Chatbot Marketing in 2017

JGA MarketingBlogThe Rise of Chatbot Marketing in 2017

With attention spans dwindling, you’ll do just about anything to keep visitors on your site increases your chances of making a sale.

That’s why chatbots can help your visitors get the information they need without wasting time wading through material not related to their query. In 2015 alone, over a billion people interacted with some form of chatbot.

Smaller companies benefit from chatbots because they don’t have to hire a live person to man the computer and answer inquiries.

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation. They are a great way to engage website visitors to help them make informed decisions quickly.

Here are a couple of ways you can use chatbots in your business:

1. Learn About Your Visitors

Some chatbot programs have the ability to track what visitors do after interacting with your bot. This allows you to see how effective the chatbot answers are and improve your communication with visitors.

2. Qualify Potential Clients

Save the trouble of qualifying potential customers by programming the chatbot to ask qualification questions. Their answers will allow you to gauge their level of interest and discover if they’re a good match for your business.

3. Sell Products & Services

Once a customer is qualified, you can use the chatbot to suggest products or services to fit their needs. Clothing stores can ask questions about style preferences and then suggest specific products based on their responses.

4. Accept Payments

Client late on a bill? Now, clients can send you a payment directly through a chatbot instead of clicking through a million pages on your website.

Wrapping It Up

People are warming up to chatbots. With the explosion of Internet messaging apps and texting, interacting with a chatbot is like texting a friend. They put a human face to your website, even if they’re not. Combine a chatbot with customer service to answer more complex questions and you have a marketing powerhouse that saves time, money, and effort.