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Are You Ready to Use Virtual Reality in Your Marketing?

JGA MarketingBlogAre You Ready to Use Virtual Reality in Your Marketing?

Now that mobile marketing has become mainstream, it’s time to prepare for new technologies that will change the way you do business.

Virtual reality has been around for several years, but the high costs have kept it out of the hands of the majority of customers.

Now that prices are affordable, VR is appearing everywhere. All you need is a smartphone and an inexpensive headset to experience new worlds without leaving your living room. This presents a great opportunity for marketers looking to move ahead of the curve and wow potential customers in new ways.

So what can you do to get virtual reality in your marketing plan?

The following suggestions will help you get your feet wet with this exciting new marketing medium.

Create Your Own VR Headset

Google Cardboard set the standard for inexpensive virtual reality headsets and released an open source kit for manufacturers to create their own version of the headset.

A variety of large brands like Walmart, Coca-Cola, and BMW created their own headsets as giveaways to promote their products. There’s no reason why your brand couldn’t create one, too.

Take Advantage of YouTube VR

Because Google has been silently fueling the virtual reality revolution by providing inexpensive tools and technology, it’s not surprising that YouTube provides hours of virtual reality videos from several creators. Watch a few of these to get inspired to create content of your own.

Put it Together

Instead of choosing between content or headset creation, why not do both?  Create a totally immersive experience for your customers by giving away branded headsets and exclusive content.


As marketers, you’ll always have to battle with changing trends and evolving technology. But instead of treating this as a fight, why not embrace virtual reality as a new way to connect with customers?

You might just have a little fun in the process!