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Are You Ready for Mobile-First?

JGA MarketingBlogAre You Ready for Mobile-First?

Digital marketers everywhere have been bracing for Google’s new mobile-first index.  While responsive design has become a requirement for quite some time, today’s landscape of connected devices make it more important than ever to have a site that functions on laptops, phones and tablets.

Check out the following tips to make sure your sites are mobile-ready.


Page loading speed plays a big part in optimizing for mobile. Now it affects search results as well.  Marketers need to be sure technical teams are doing their part to create a fast-loading experience for users.  Test pages with a free tool like GT Metrix to get your scores from Google and Yahoo.

Optimize Images

Use web appropriate image sizes for faster loading time. It’s best to do this before uploading, but if you’re using WordPress a plugin like WPSmush.it will do the trick on any site with slow loading images.

Keep Redirects to a Minimum

Redirects affect loading speed, so only use them when necessary.

Use Browser Caching

WordPress sites have a variety of caching options available. Be sure your host allow this; some may require you to upgrade your package.

Keep Code Clean

Free templates are notorious for bloated code. Have your tech people use as little as possible to get the job done.


A well-designed site includes large elements, hamburger menus and buttons that fingers can easily press. Call buttons allow users to contact you by pushing a button. Stay away from narrow columns and tight text. Create all sites with smartphone users in mind.

Mobile optimization is essential for a successful website. Not only does it make it easy for customers to contact you, but you’ll enjoy higher search results as well. The above suggestions are a small part of what it takes to create a mobile-responsive website, but marketers need to be aware of the changes on the tech side in order to communicate what’s important in today’s marketplace.