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Multicultural Marketing: Appealing to the World

JGA MarketingBlogMulticultural Marketing: Appealing to the World

As the world becomes more connected due to the internet and social media, it makes sense to market to an international audience rather than a small group of people. While multicultural marketing can definitely widen the scope of people who might be interested in a product or a business, it can also present a number of new challenges for those who want to give it a try.

Look Into Bilingual Advertising

After assessing your market, advertisers will want to know which languages are the most commonly spoken in your market to reach different groups. One of the best ways to do this is to use more than one language in print advertising and when talking about the product in person. By including two or three languages, you are being more inclusive and are much more likely to appeal to multiple sets of people.

Matching Values

While many cultures have similar values that make them relatable to one another on several levels, there might be some slight differences that you need to be sensitive to in your advertising. While you might market “traditional family values” in one part of the country, it might not resonate well in another area. By not recognizing who your audience is, you could offend a potential group of people who might be interested in your product or business. Before you fully release your campaign, you should make sure understand your audience.

Use a Universal Language: Music

Not everyone can speak multiple languages, but almost everyone enjoys listening to music and can equate a certain product or business with a song. Some of the most successful names in business have incorporated music into their campaigns to attract the ear of a customer rather than the eye. Music is an easy way to reach across cultures and to relate to the consumer.

Create a Cohesive Campaign

Above all, you want your customers to be able to relate to develop trust in your product or business. If you are advertising to one group of clients over another, both sets will notice. For every culture, try to achieve the same level of care and thought and make it easily available to view. Social media can be helpful for this, because sharing is so common, it is bound to cross cultural lines at some point if you make your content successful and you work to include positive universal themes that will resonate with all consumers.