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How to Make Your Social Media Posts Pop

JGA MarketingBlogHow to Make Your Social Media Posts Pop

As more and more advertising is done online, finding ways to make your social media fresh and appealing can bring you more customers and can help you attract business. Whether you are a social media expert or you are just learning how to market your business or product online, there are a few ways you can make sure to attract new people to your website.

First, you’ll want to think about putting together a campaign to appeal to some new customers. Try to think about who your idea audience would be and who would be most likely to click on your ad when you post one. Knowing who you are going to market to is half the battle, so when you know who you want to attract to your business or to use your product it can make things much easier for you. When you are thinking about campaign ideas, you will want to try to create a theme that can be easily translated across many social media platforms.

Using images that reflect your business and the campaign you have put together can also help. Having some fun pictures can increase the likelihood that someone will choose to clink on your link and visit some of your content you have posted on your website. You’ll want to try and find pictures that the customers you have can relate to or that you think will catch their eyes. A large photo can turn your link from boring to interesting. When it comes to sourcing your images, you can buy stock photos or find some free resources on the web.

You’ll also want to make sure that you interact with potential clients on social media. By using hashtags and mentioning users who you think might be interested in your business, you’re likely to attract whole new host of clients. This makes potential customers feel like there is a connection between them and your business. It can also generate some buzz if you are choosing to use relevant hashtags. Make sure to look every now and then on Twitter to see what is trending and see whether or not you can connect your business with current events or future customers.

Social media can make it much easier to connect with new people if you know how to use it. Using these tips, you can expand your reach online and build a brand new following.