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JGA Marketing on Turning 15

JGA MarketingBlogJGA Marketing on Turning 15

Fifteen is a wonderful age. The parallel forces of growth and love are in full force.

As JGA Marketing celebrates its 15th year, it does feel a lot like that.

Gratitude is the word that comes to mind when we look back at our beginnings. Our journey has been challenged many times, and every time, we have worked hard to succeed. Different faces have come and gone, but JGA has been true to its roots with the strong vision of our founder, Jose H. Gonzalez, to deliver excellence and to care more than others. We have grown, we have helped our clients grow and we have helped our communities grow.

This will be a year of business growth, with new marketing tools and resources that have radically transformed and upgraded our capabilities. We love what we do more than ever. And our new capabilities have renewed our sense of purpose. We begin to plan a future based on our definition of success. As our Vision Statement says: “Through ideas we will solve problems for businesses, through storytelling we will clarify choices for people, and through our work we will build a happier, fairer world.”

At JGA, we always measure our success in three ways:

  1. Elevating our strategic and creative excellence
  2. Becoming a more valuable partner to our clients
  3. Giving back

By all three measures, 2018 will be a banner year for JGA Marketing.

A Year of Elevating our Creative and Strategic Excellence

Our agency won the American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA. Developed “out of the box” marketing strategies and campaigns for our clients, translating these into millions of dollars in profits. Standing out with our Holiday card, which was selected by Adweek Magazine among the top 73 cards created by ad agencies worldwide.JGA Marketing


A Year of Becoming a More Valuable Partner

During 2017, JGA established new partnerships with digital, web optimization, and content providers. We significantly upgraded our in-house digital and social media expertise, developing tools and programs to better validate our digital and social media plans. JGA marketing and creative experts conducted workshops and presentations to advise clients and the business community on topics such as Videos in Marketing, Using Facebook, Marketing 101, Emotional Intelligence and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Beacon of Hope
Our favorite charitable foundation with programs to alleviate poverty and empower young people through access to education and technology, enjoyed a record fundraising year.

High School Internship
JGA Marketing successfully implemented its first-ever high school internship program. A program with the objective to bridge the gap between school and real work experience. We created positions in the areas of creative, marketing and finance and all interns had to work on the same project, from beginning to end. What a rewarding experience it was for us and a unique opportunity for them. We can’t wait until summer to repeat the program.

JGA Marketing2016 and 2017 Winners of the Coral Springs Christmas Parade
We participated in the Coral Springs Holiday parade with a decorated float, winning The Mayor’s Cup in 2016 and The Commissioner’s Cup in 2017! During the parade, JGA volunteers gave out hundreds of our own The Otter Way children’s book sets and toys.

Helping Non-for-Profits
We recognize how difficult it is to raise funds to help others, and at the same time, the substantial value of those funds. This is the reason why we continue to help non-for-profit organizations with marketing strategies, design and consulting, pro-bono, like: Beacon of Hope, Global Peace Foundation, City of Coral Springs Regional, Chamber of Commerce, Happy Melanoma Foundation, Latin American Presidential Mission, Florida International Trade Cultural Event, Hispanic Heritage Chamber of Commerce, Venezuelan Awareness, Spanish American League Against Discrimination & V.O.I.C.E.S. Volunteer Organization Inspiring Changes in Everyday Stories.

A Look Ahead

In the coming months, JGA Marketing will introduce many new upgrades and services that will raise the bar even higher on our three goals of elevating our strategic and creative excellence, becoming a more valuable partner to our clients, and giving back. Stay tuned for more great news on our Fifteenth Year of Excellence.

Thank you all!

JGA Marketing

About JGA Marketing

JGA Marketing, headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, is a full-service, minority-owned advertising agency and marketing consulting firm that works with clients across diverse industries to increase their exposure, engagement and profitability across all platforms. JGA is committed to giving back, and a portion of its revenues are donated to Beacon of Hope, which fosters education and access to technology for children and youth now living in poverty.

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