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Interactive Video is Hot for Marketers

JGA MarketingBlogInteractive Video is Hot for Marketers

As the technology and media landscape continually shifts, customers are becoming less passive. Today’s consumer has more control than ever over the buying process. In response, marketing professionals have to learn to make content appealing and interactive. In the time it takes you to read a couple of sentences, over 300 hours of new content is added to YouTube. That’s why interactive video is a great way to cut through the noise and give your viewers control over their viewing experience.

How Interactive Video Helps Marketing KPIs

Traditional video analytics are pretty limited. Marketers can see who watched a video, where the viewer came from, and how long they watched it.

Interactive videos allow marketers to collect more valuable information from video viewers. Sophisticated tools allow viewers to enter contact and other information during playback, which is transferred directly to a company CRM or marketing automation software.

Marketers can discern based on a viewer’s progression through the video where they are in the customer journey and how likely they are to eventually make a purchase.

Interactive Video Provides Selling Points or New Content Topics

One type of video that could be more effective in an interactive form is the generic explainer video. These videos are 1-2 minutes in length and leave out a great bit of detail.

An interactive version of an explainer video could provide a menu at the end allowing viewers to choose what they want to know more about. Marketers can then use viewers’ selections as a way to determine desired information as well as selling points to emphasize on the company homepage. The selections can also be used to inspire new videos, infographics, and blog post topics.


If your company already has a collection of marketing videos, try upgrading your viewer experience by making the videos interactive. When done correctly, you’ll gain greater customer insight and a healthy stream of qualified leads for your business.