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Important Skills for Marketers in 2017

JGA MarketingBlogImportant Skills for Marketers in 2017

The great thing about marketing is that it is a continually evolving industry. What you did ten years ago looks much different than what you do today. This constant change can also bring some challenges. With so many skills to master, how do you know which ones to focus on?

Luckily, the number crunchers at Venngage conducted a study to tell you just that.

They poured over 436,000 marketer profiles on LinkedIn and looked at 100 skills. Then they looked at a popular job board to see what employers are looking for in entry-, mid- and high-level postings.

Here’s what they found:

Former Hot Marketing Skills Are Now a Baseline

Remember when everyone was trying to learn how to use social media? Those skills are now expected of every marketer. The same thing goes for email marketing, advertising and marketing communications. If you want to stand out, these things won’t do it.  So what will?

Data Is King

Everyone likes numbers to provide comfort and credibility, so it’s not surprising that data analytics top the list of in-demand skills for marketers.

What is surprising is that even though the demand for data skills is increasing, the supply is not. Break out that dusty copy of Excel, watch the Google Analytics videos you keep putting off and brush up on your advanced data skills.

Content Marketing Rules the Roost

As traditional advertising continues to show poor results, content marketing budgets are on the rise. Creating content is a much different process today than it used to be.

Instead of blogging and social media posts, content marketing includes video production, motion graphics and podcasting. Even though social media skills are in great supply, other skills are in demand. The shortest supply is in editing. Writing, blogging and graphic design have a greater supply, though skill levels vary greatly.

Other Skills Matter, Too

There’s also a huge demand for coders. If you have a way with computers, make it a point to learn to code. Even basic HTML has a huge shortage.

Marketing automation is also a growing discipline, with an extreme shortage of people who know how to use the platforms. Salesforce users are more plentiful than those using HubSpot or Marketo. All the platforms have free training to help you get started, but the software is quite expensive.


Even if you’re not looking for employment, these skills are a great place to start focusing on. As marketing continually evolves, marketers also need to evolve to adapt to the changes in the industry.