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Why Hashtags Are Essential to Marketing

JGA MarketingBlogWhy Hashtags Are Essential to Marketing

Hashtags, which began on Twitter, quickly became a part of mainstream advertising. You’ll see them on everything from billboards to TV commercials.

Why are they so important? Check out the following reasons why you should incorporate hashtags in your marketing campaigns:

Hashtags Help Others Find You

With a little research, you can find which hashtags work best for your potential clients. This gives insight into what to post on social media to get more business. There is a difference between social media platforms, so find out which platforms work best for what type of hashtag.

Unique Hashtags Build Your Brand

While #companyname is effective to let people know where content is coming from, try coming up with a catchy hashtag instead. Just be sure the hashtag is not taken and being used by another business.

Contests Become Free Ad Campaigns

There are a variety of ways to use hashtags for social media contests. The best thing about holding one of these contests is every entry is free content to advertise your brand. If you’re just starting out, there are a number of popular contest hashtags to use that will get people to notice it.

It’s Easy to Advertise Across Multiple Mediums

Big brands do a great job of using hashtags in cross-channel advertising, which tells you that it works. No matter how large their marketing budget, Nike isn’t going to spend time and money on something that doesn’t work. But just because you don’t have pockets as deep as a big brand does not mean you can’t cash in, too.

Hashtags Are Here to Stay

Whether you love them or not, hashtags are at the heart of social media marketing. When used properly, they can help others find you, build your brand, and make managing social media contests a snap.