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Where Should You Focus Your 2017 Marketing Budget?

JGA MarketingBlogWhere Should You Focus Your 2017 Marketing Budget?

As 2016 draws to a close, now is the time to reflect on what is working well and what requires refreshing.

It’s also a time to finalize your 2017 marketing budget. Check out the following suggestions from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) about where to focus your dollars in the upcoming year.

Throw Big Money at Big (Social) Data

According to the DMA, 70% of companies don’t collect data from their social media channels. Investing in social analytics provides your company with valuable information you won’t find by simply looking at your Facebook page. Social listening is an important skill that gets left behind. Listen first, then create content that answers questions your customers are asking.

Invest in Building Your Team

Lack of skills and human resources holds back 30% of marketing executives from meeting their objectives. Venngage reports that technical proficiency is the most sought-after quality for marketing talent. Balance your team with a variety of people who have both creative and technical talent. Be on the lookout for data analysts, SEO specialists, and others who can provide insight to make your marketing more effective.

Build Cross-Device Marketing Campaigns

While many companies look to mobile-first user experience, customers switch devices as casually as they switch shoes. This is why it’s essential to track your customers across all their devices, as opposed to creating marketing campaigns for a single device.

In-Store Marketing Will Continue to Grow

The DMA reports that 80% of millennials use their phone in-store. Custom apps provide loyal shoppers with special deals and maps to locate items quickly. 74% of customers who use their phone in-store are willing to receive push notifications, giving marketers the ability to create special promotions that expire quickly.


Today’s consumers are more tech savvy than before, and they expect to be marketed to across multiple devices. As consumers’ sophistication grows, marketers need to work hard to develop effective campaigns and the technical skills to measure and improve on these campaigns. By focusing your dollars in key areas, your 2017 marketing budget could help this become the year that you realize what it means to have an effective digital strategy. Good luck!