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Elite Cakes

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Elite Cakes

Competition brings out the best in the cake world.

Competing can be exhausting, but for Elite Cake, the everyday competition is sweet, pun intended.

Reality TV has changed the world of baking. Competition is fierce and for a small bakery like Elite Cake can be lethal.

Elite has something unique to offer, their heritage. Their experience in a saturated market was the key to survive for over 15 years.

The opportunity to continue to do so moving forward, needed a new strategy.

Making the product better, maintaining leadership through uniqueness with challenging designs, new flavors and astonishing finishes. Efforts that merit launching a new brand, full of energy and positive vibes.

The new brand was created to capture the energy from orange colors and vibrant pinks. The use of simplistic lines gives the new logo, the touch of a modern look that was needing.