9955 NW 31st Street, Suite 200 | Coral Springs, FL 33065

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Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce

JGA MarketingCoral Springs Chamber of Commerce

Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce

The harder you work for something…

…the greater you’ll feel when you finally achieve it.

The hard work and dedication of the board members of a chamber of commerce is underrated.

The Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce gave us the opportunity to be witnesses and to experience first-hand how good it feels to feel like someone, as members and as partners.

Putting together an annual report is no joke. A year worth of efforts can easily go unnoticed, without the tools to prove the accomplishments.

An annual report is a lot of work but showcasing the success stories of their members and events, to feature them as the rock stars they are, was all worth it.

Laying out the skeleton, copy, matching and correcting photos plus managing the whole project and meeting printer deadlines was a big challenge.

Our objective was to create a report that represented the invisible, the untold stories, the long hours and weekends; an annual report that can do justice to the efforts of all involved to bring success by creating new opportunities in Coral Springs.