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Brands Are People Too

Author: Jose Huguez

JGA MarketingBlogBrands Are People Too

For now, in the eyes of the law, a Corporation has many of the same rights as a person. That’s hard to fathom for most of us. But if they had said that brands are people, well… we would have agreed immediately. Brands and people share a common desire to be liked, or even better, to be loved. And the way to go about it is remarkably similar.

Here’s our advice to both, out in the real world of the happy hour or the marketplace:

  1. Talk to people. Let others know about you, communicate, advertise.
  2. And not just about yourself. Find the things you have in common, add something of value to people’s life, engage.
  3. Listen to others. Have a two-way conversation, a relationship, hear out what others need or want, find out about them, research.
  4. Go where others are. Be everywhere that matters, on the streets, at events, in the community, on your mobile, in social media.
  5. Be friendly, witty, fun to be with. Great creative does that for a brand; people are on their own.
  6. Look good, dress nice. The packaging attracts, so does your logo, display and signage.
  7. Be yourself, be unique. Stand out, be different and, most importantly, be honest; so that everything you do and say works together on your behalf.

So there you have it, people and brands, go have fun and build new relationships. And always remember, there’s plenty of other brands and people competing for the attention and affection that could be yours.