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Blogging Is Beneficial for Local Businesses

JGA MarketingBlogBlogging Is Beneficial for Local Businesses

With over 2 million blog posts written every day, many marketers believe blogging is now a complete waste of time. Some have abandoned blogging together because they believe it requires too many resources, but many local companies still gain traction for their business by writing content on a company blog.

This may help those affected by Google’s Possum update, which made businesses believe their local listings disappeared completely. Unless your business is within the geographic limits of a city, you will no longer show up when people search for similar businesses using that city name.

Everyone’s on social media, but not everyone is blogging. It’s easy to assess the competition and see how many blogs there are for your type of business. If the answer is zero, blogging will provide a great boost for your SEO.

Owned content is important. Content marketing experts constantly stress the importance of building a house on land you own instead of land you rent. Other sites may have built-in audiences you need to tap into, but they can also change the rules so you never get found.

Choosing Your Topics

You know you have the answers to your customer’s problems, so choose appropriate topics for your blog. They don’t have to be about your business, and you can showcase your expertise while branching out into things that interest them. Because you are focusing on local customers, be sure to talk about the area as well.

SEO Tweaks

Follow best practices for SEO to be sure your posts are found:

  • Use a WordPress plugin like Yoast
  • Include keywords with every post
  • Don’t forget to include local keywords

While these are standard to most marketers, simple tweaks to your content can help you rank better:

Promoting Your Content

As a marketer you understand the importance of content promotion. To review, a good promotion strategy includes:

  • Some form of blogger outreach
  • Social media promotion on company page and in groups
  • Basic PR

Create a Blog That Converts

When the goal of your blog is to turn visitors into leads, take advantage of the tools available to capture and follow up via email to build a sequence that turns visitors into customers. Just take care to do things correctly to avoid Google penalties.


Don’t be quick to dismiss blogging. A quick survey of what people in your area are doing will show that you may be the only one embracing it. In addition to improving your SEO, you’ll build a great reputation for your company without being too pushy.