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Complex Problem? Approach Simply

Some marketing problems make us feel like those codebreaking experts in the movies who stare at a wall full of numbers trying to pick out patterns that mean something.  We expect the solution to pop out, but it rarely does. Because it’s not in the data, it’s in the questions we ask. And the more

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Brands Are People Too

For now, in the eyes of the law, a Corporation has many of the same rights as a person. That’s hard to fathom for most of us. But if they had said that brands are people, well… we would have agreed immediately. Brands and people share a common desire to be liked, or even better,

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The Rise of Social Marketing

When media companies use the term “social marketing” many people assume it refers to social media marketing initiatives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other growing social networks. Social marketing, however, is more than just using social media to target specific users with products and services. While social marketing may use social media as a

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Effectiveness and Efficiency in Business

When companies are looking to expand their productivity in business, they will typically talk about both increasing their business effectiveness and their business efficiency as though they are interchangeable terms. However, this is simply not the case. Effectiveness and efficiency refer to different aspects of business, even though they appear and sound similar at first

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How Working in Advertising Has Influenced My Life and Family

As a mother and business woman, I have a good number of stories about work and how it has influenced my life and family. Just like any other family, we share about our day, school, homework, work and life in general. My kids are very creative and love conversations about marketing. They know all about

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5 Points for Picking a Better Ad Agency

One of the most important decisions a company has to make is the choice of an advertising agency. Advertising and PR can make or break a business. When it’s done right, even bad products will sell. When it’s done wrong, the results can crush even the strongest brands. Choosing an ad agency to work with

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4 Social Media Trends to Watch

The entire Internet is constantly changing and evolving, but few things will have you running to keep up as much as social media. New ways to interact, advertise and innovate seem to come at us daily. If it’s not a new function on a known network, it’s a new app to allow you to use

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4 Ways to Enhance Business Efficiency

Efficiency in the workplace is one of those things that has a tendency to run hot and cold. It’s an abstract concept that can get lost behind deadlines, logistics and accounting. It waxes and wanes in cycles as we realize things are falling behind and strive to bring them back up to speed again. It

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4 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2016

Marketing for the healthcare industry, just like every other industry, is being transformed as the way people look for information and make decisions continues to evolve through the use of the internet and mobile devices. Strategies need to be updated and implemented as patient and consumer behaviors change.  In order to gain and maintain a

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How to Select the Right Advertising Agency for You

When you are looking to promote your product or business, it’s essential to have a good advertising agency to find the right way to promote your project. The right advertising agency will recognize that the business or product you have built has been a culmination of much of your time, effort, and money, and you

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