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The Rise of Chatbot Marketing in 2017

With attention spans dwindling, you’ll do just about anything to keep visitors on your site increases your chances of making a sale. That’s why chatbots can help your visitors get the information they need without wasting time wading through material not related to their query. In 2015 alone, over a billion people interacted with some

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The Science of Conversion: A Brief Intro to CRO

Effective digital marketing involves both creativity and a scientific approach to getting website visitors to take action. Once a site begins receiving a steady stream of visitors and effective SEO methods are in place, it’s time to start optimizing that site to turn users into customers. This process is what is known as conversion rate

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Searching Without Typing: The Future of Voice Search

According to ComScore, half of Internet searches will be performed by voice by 2020. So while we’re doing everything we can to get our sites ready for mobile, don’t forget about voice. On a daily basis, people ask Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google a myriad of questions about everything and anything as it pops into

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Mattel Warms Our Hearts with Dads Who Play Barbie Campaign

Mattel is not only modernizing its brand but also reversing gender roles in this new ad campaign which showcases six real life father/daughter duos.  The campaign displays the softer side of these fathers, who take the time to play Barbie ® with their adorable daughters.  The playtime is complete with high pitched voices, even from the

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Are You Ready for Mobile-First?

Digital marketers everywhere have been bracing for Google’s new mobile-first index.  While responsive design has become a requirement for quite some time, today’s landscape of connected devices make it more important than ever to have a site that functions on laptops, phones and tablets. Check out the following tips to make sure your sites are

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4 Ways to Engage Audiences on Social Media

Companies with limited marketing resources are abandoning their social media schedules to find better ways to involve customers with their brand. Today’s landscape is more competitive than ever, and if you want to get eyeballs on your Facebook posts, you need to pay to play. But there is a better way to bring fans to

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You’ve Got the Data, Now What Do You Do With It?

With big data becoming a standard marketing practice, customers expect extreme targeting and personalization. For the past couple of years, marketers have collected more customer data than ever. The question is no longer how to collect the data, but what to do with it. The following insights will help you make sense of customer data,

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Are You Ready to Use Virtual Reality in Your Marketing?

Now that mobile marketing has become mainstream, it’s time to prepare for new technologies that will change the way you do business. Virtual reality has been around for several years, but the high costs have kept it out of the hands of the majority of customers. Now that prices are affordable, VR is appearing everywhere.

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Where Should You Focus Your 2017 Marketing Budget?

As 2016 draws to a close, now is the time to reflect on what is working well and what requires refreshing. It’s also a time to finalize your 2017 marketing budget. Check out the following suggestions from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) about where to focus your dollars in the upcoming year. Throw Big Money

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3 Ways to Optimize Marketing for Mobile

Today’s customers are increasingly on the move, researching and purchasing from their mobile phones. Yet many marketers still design their strategies with a desktop-first strategy, failing to take advantage of these micro-moments to capture the attention of distracted mobile users. By creating an environment that caters to both mobile and PC users, the following tips

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