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5 Creative Tips for Creative Marketing

JGA MarketingBlog5 Creative Tips for Creative Marketing

After you have explored your tried-and-true methods of marketing and have all the important steps down, you might consider new ways to appeal to your clients or to attract new ones. Putting together a solid advertising campaign takes time and effort, and creating a successful one takes energy and creativity — especially when you’re looking to invite a new demographic to learn about your business or product.

Use Handles and Trending Hashtags

Social media can be an amazing marketing tool that encourages a feeling of community among consumers. It’s also a lot of fun. Advertisers should consider being creative with their handles for a product or business and to make sure to use popular hashtags that are trending on each platform. You can also be creative and make your own hashtag to connect with others about your business.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to connect with many people on social media, and it has become a large community that offers companies a chance to showing off their products and services in a highly visual way. Pinterest makes it easy to share pins across multiple platforms and to catch eyes by using photography.

Look Into Sponsorship

Unique partnerships can attract a lot of interest — especially when they are with a company that you might not necessarily be expected to partner with. Sponsorship usually includes working with another company in order to both cross-promote your businesses, either through advertising or events. An unexpected partnership can cause consumers to look twice and can encourage new users to try your brand once they have seen it associated with another brand that they trust.


People love winning things, and a contest can be a great way to boost interest and to show what your company has to offer. Coming up with a way to spread the word over social media can take some creative thought to attract people to enter, and it can also be a good way to influence others to see what your company offers. Feel free to spread the word as much as you can through spoken word and social media in order to get the best results and to encourage customers to come back again and again.