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4 Ways to Enhance Business Efficiency

JGA MarketingBlog4 Ways to Enhance Business Efficiency

Efficiency in the workplace is one of those things that has a tendency to run hot and cold. It’s an abstract concept that can get lost behind deadlines, logistics and accounting. It waxes and wanes in cycles as we realize things are falling behind and strive to bring them back up to speed again. It is something that can always be improved, and as it improves it will help raise the bottom line of any company, big or small.

To grow and succeed and try to stay one step ahead of competitors, a business needs to be efficient. Each time you find a way to improve a process or cut out a small chunk of time, your business gains ground and everyone moves forward. So let’s take a look at a few things that can make your business more efficient now, and help keep it that way in the future.

Encourage Open Communication

We’ve all heard the term “open door policy”, but try to think beyond that. Don’t just tell employees they can come to management when they need something, but really encourage them to speak their minds and share ideas with each other as well. Encouraging communication and collaboration between employees, departments and management will increase morale and creativity, which will ultimately lead to higher productivity.

Implement Smart Mobile Devices

Mobile devices can enhance communications inside and outside the office. Procedures can be streamlined through simple communication or through the use of applicable apps. Tablets can allow in-house workers freedom to move around without losing time on a project while smartphones will keep people in the field connected and informed without the need to travel back to the office.

Embrace and Use Feedback

Every employee will have some kind of feedback about their view on how things are going within the company. Set up a place where everyone can share compliments and criticisms. For larger companies it can be as simple as a private web page. For smaller companies, a bi-weekly or monthly meeting to allow everyone to share ideas can be extremely beneficial. Employee morale is always higher when people feel like someone is listening and new ideas are implemented.

Keep Technology Up to DateBusiness Efficiency

In the modern world, the biggest bottleneck in productivity often comes from the IT systems that are in use. It is essential that computer systems and software are updated on a regular schedule. Computers that are just 3 or 4 years old will lag noticeably behind newer models. A few seconds here and another minute there spread across many employees and projects can add up to hours of lost productivity every week. Make a point of keeping tabs on aging hardware and replacing it when necessary.