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4 Ways to Engage Audiences on Social Media

JGA MarketingBlog4 Ways to Engage Audiences on Social Media

Companies with limited marketing resources are abandoning their social media schedules to find better ways to involve customers with their brand. Today’s landscape is more competitive than ever, and if you want to get eyeballs on your Facebook posts, you need to pay to play.

But there is a better way to bring fans to your pages. The only special equipment you’ll need is a smartphone that records video.

Check out the following methods to get visible on social without a robust advertising budget.

Live Stream Marketing

Got something to say?  Instead of writing another blog post or creating a graphic, say it in person. Live stream video builds trust with your audience because they get to see the person behind the ideas.

Facebook Live

The easiest way to engage fans is on Facebook Live. Create a posting schedule and let fans know when you’ll be coming on to build an audience. Many entrepreneurs send an update that includes a call for questions. The questions are answered on the livestream, giving inquisitive fans a way to personally engage with the brand by having their question answered live.

Viewers can comment in real-time and the host can see their comments and interact as well.


Though declining in popularity, users create live videos called “scopes” that viewers can watch. Great for webinars, demos, and a variety of other applications.

YouTube Live

Though YouTube was an early adopter of live streaming, they’ve recently made it more user-friendly. The previous version required a lot of technical know-how. Subscribers will receive notifications when your channel goes live.

When used correctly, livestreaming is a great way to engage your customers. Remember to give people a reason to show up, and provide real value. If you make a commercial, people will tune out quickly.