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3 Ways to Optimize Marketing for Mobile

JGA MarketingBlog3 Ways to Optimize Marketing for Mobile

Today’s customers are increasingly on the move, researching and purchasing from their mobile phones. Yet many marketers still design their strategies with a desktop-first strategy, failing to take advantage of these micro-moments to capture the attention of distracted mobile users.

By creating an environment that caters to both mobile and PC users, the following tips will help you put your best foot forward and keep potential customers from moving on to a competitor with a more mobile-friendly experience.

Start with a Responsive User Experience

It all starts with smart design. Marketers need to work with designers to create environments that make it simple for mobile users to navigate and find what they need. Many times, this means large buttons, bright colors, and minimal text.

Don’t Neglect the Power of a Phone Call

While digital marketing campaign goals usually involve email or opt-ins, mobile users will appreciate the convenience of click-to-call buttons that allow immediate communication. This is especially important in the mobile world, where screens are smaller and behavior is much different. Once you begin receiving inbound calls via your website, you can measure their effectiveness and conversion rate.

Provide Valuable Push Notifications

Ensure that you are using push notifications effectively. Some treat push notifications as another form of email, blasting generic messages every time new content appears on their site. But when implemented correctly, push notifications can be a way to turn casual visitors into loyal customers.


While these three suggestions may seem like common knowledge, mastering them is difficult.

A little patience and a lot of experimentation (including constantly measuring results) will provide you with the insights you need to make your mobile marketing effective.

As technology advances and customers move into new worlds like virtual reality, your marketing will need to evolve to meet these needs. With each new method that you master, you will gain greater confidence to move forward and continue to the next.