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3 Ways to Build Your Wellness Practice Online

JGA MarketingBlog3 Ways to Build Your Wellness Practice Online

Creating an online presence for your wellness practice can be overwhelming. In today’s ultra-connected world, building a website isn’t enough. But standing out isn’t impossible. With a couple of advertising dollars and a little time, you can quickly and inexpensively build a name for yourself.

Check out the following tips to connect with your potential clients:

Hold a Twitter Chat

Nothing beats being available to answer questions in real-time to a group of people. Twitter chats are conversations that use a specific hashtag to let anyone participate. You can start the conversation with a question, and let things roll on from there. Just be sure to promote your hashtag or you’ll be tweeting to an empty nest.

Have Office Hours on Your Facebook Group

While virtual office hours seem to be normal in higher education, wellness practices can benefit from having a period of time on a regular basis where they can check in with people and answer questions. Facebook groups are a great medium for this, since the members are people with similar interests. You can also use Facebook Live, but you’ll need to advertise it in advance.

Create a Free Download

There’s no better way to start marketing than to build an email list. In order to get people to sign up for your list, create a professionally designed digital download in exchange for an email address. Once you have their address, you can email them regularly with updates to your blog and other helpful information. Hill Country Apothecary does a great job with their “5 Essential Foods That Your Grocery Store Actually Sells.” Though the link above takes you to their landing page, they also have a signup form in the sidebar of their blog that allows readers of every post to take advantage of this offer. If you purchase advertising that links to your landing page, you’ll be able to quickly build a list.

Wrapping it Up

These three suggestions are by no means an all-inclusive list. It’s also important to have a professional website, and invest in online advertising in order to get results faster.

When deciding to do chatting or office hours, be sure you’re consistent. Whether once a week or monthly works best for you is up to the resources you have available. Just be sure to let people know in advance.

Happy business building!