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Monthly Archives: August 2016

How to Use Pokémon Go for Your Advertising Campaign

Pokémon Go has captured the world by storm, inviting people of all ages to participate in augmented reality. As the most popular game currently available, you might be wondering how you can tap into the trend and attract some new customers to your business. Pokémon Go has not only made its name as a game,

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Managing For Creativity

Name any position, in any industry, and creativity may be the single most valuable skill you can bring to the table. Because creativity means more than coming up with ideas from scratch, it also means looking at facts and problems in fresh new ways or improving on “the way it’s always been done.” Creativity drives

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Complex Problem? Approach Simply

Some marketing problems make us feel like those codebreaking experts in the movies who stare at a wall full of numbers trying to pick out patterns that mean something.  We expect the solution to pop out, but it rarely does. Because it’s not in the data, it’s in the questions we ask. And the more

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Brands Are People Too

For now, in the eyes of the law, a Corporation has many of the same rights as a person. That’s hard to fathom for most of us. But if they had said that brands are people, well… we would have agreed immediately. Brands and people share a common desire to be liked, or even better,

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